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MS Dhoni - Bijness Bhai - .CO.IN and .IN


India Domain Strategy - .IN and .CO.IN

  India Focus: Why do Google and Amazon have websites that use and .in domain names? Well they want to offer dedicated and focused services and products for India. So when you visit, you know everything that you will find is specially for India, not US not UK, same goes for When you visit , all the products are catered to the US market. These large companies understand India is going to be a huge market and its better to offer their products on India specific websites using India specific TLD’s (or domains). .IN and CO.IN are being used by large and small companies and have millions of daily website visitors from India, so using those domain extensions for your India website, just makes business sense. We have a tendency to be over creative, in this case its best to see the solution that is right in front, keep it simple and go with the obvious. Competition: Online competition can come from anywhere, everyday new businesses are created an