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Investor Video Chat - .in / (2017)

Domain Names (India .in and = Marketing + Real Estate + IP

  Domain name strategy for the most part is not just about using 1 domain name but using multiple domain names to market your product/s and to protect your intellectual property. Marketing : Businesses typically using multiple domain names for their numerous product lines for lead generation and branding purposes. They could also using multiple cctlds (country code domains) to target various geographical regions for their product. The business case for using multiple domain names has been established by numerous large corporations and institutions. Real Estate : Domain names are like a plot of land, you have the freedom to build anything o n the property. Just as in real estate, the location of the property and in this case the quality of the domain name is more important than the actual website created. Without a great location, your business may never take off. So in domain names, there are Generic keyword category killers for each niche and there are Acronyms that needs to be used a

India Domain Name Strategy - 2018

  India Focus: Why do Google and Amazon have websites that use and .in domain names? Well they want to offer dedicated and focused services and products for India. So when you visit, you know everything that you will find is specially for India, not US not UK, same goes for When you visit , all the products are catered to the US market. These large companies understand India is going to be a huge market and its better to offer their products on India specific websites using India specific TLD’s (or domains). .IN and CO.IN are being used by large and small companies and have millions of daily website visitors from India, so using those domain extensions for your India website, just makes business sense. We have a tendency to be over creative, in this case its best to see the solution that is right in front, keep it simple and go with the obvious. Competition: Online competition can come from anywhere, everyday new businesses are created and it i

Register / Evaluate - Domain Names

  If you are starting from scratch and want to understand how to go about, step by step and get into domain investments or acquire domains for your business, here are some of my suggestions: Where to register : You can check out many accredited .IN registrars, see a list on  . Godaddy, Dynadot are some of the preferred US based registrars. There are no residency requirements for registering .IN or .CO.IN domains. Prices are typically under $8 per year of registration How to pick domain names: I prefer domain names that have commercial value in India, domains that pertain to products and services and are of high value. Domains that are not a TM violation (check to make sure there are no obvious trademarks), generic keywords are a great option in this case. To find popular search keywords or valuable domains use a combination of these tools 1) Google search/Google trends - Use both of these tools to see how popular your Keyword or Acronym are. Use spe

Recent Trip to India - .in and sightings  Was in India last few weeks and as a true domainer/developer, ended up shooting pictures of .IN usage. This has been an interesting journey since 2005 when .IN was introduced to the public. The growth has been organic (to say the least) but my recent visit showed a substantial change from just a year ago. I was able to capture some newspaper ads and roadside banners in Chennai and Kochi . Summary: - .IN banners are easily spotted this time around in both cities - Everyday newspaper ads with .in and somedays .in dominated the big banners - .in had much better looking domains than .com - An estimate would be 60:40 in favor of .in today, a few years ago it was 80:20 .com . Its headed to 80:20 .in very soon in my opinion - English language keywords and acronyms are quite popular. - Car companies and real estate business are biggest advertisers - Some of India's largest companies continue to use and advertis

Domains = Real Estate + Marketing + Intellectual Property

   Domain Names = Real Estate You might have seen this comparison quite a bit and there are a lot of similarities between Domain Names and Land (Real Estate). Without a piece of land, you can't build a home, hotel or any other physical building, similarly without a Domain Name , you can't have a home or a website online. With Real Estate (land), there are premium real estate like lake front, ocean front, downtown - locations which draw traffic or great visibility. Domain Names also range in their valuations depending on whether they are premium or not , premium domains are generally 1 word generic keywords describing a product or service (similar to Cars, Hotels, Loans etc). There are pricing variations depending on Domain Names being generic keywords or short acronyms or numbers, also whether they end in .com or a country code like .in / (India) , (UK), .de (Germany) Domain Names = Patents /IP In Patenting, corporations usually don't just have one patent, the

Why .IN and .CO.IN makes perfect Domain Strategy for Business

  India Domain Names News (.IN / . CO.IN ) : Two companies this week were busy, ( Simon.  bought ) and (  bought  ) . India introduced extension in 2003 when many businesses registered them and in 2005 they rolled out the .in extension to the public. What that caused is many businesses are operating on while others on .in . Smart and savvy business are figuring out that they need to own both versions .in and , both get traffic in India and there could be brand confusion in the marketplace if two different businesses own the two versions. Several companies have continued to use since they started, this could be primarily because it reflects they are a "Company of India" and that might be important to them. .IN users believe that shorter is better and it looks better in advertising etc. Ultimately its about market perception and usage trends that will dictate the future. But for most business, its not abo using their generic keyword domain name for their success

  Domain Name News (.IN / . CO.IN ) - A great domain name will attract customers a whole lot better than an average domain. Example :  Doctors.  is a website that caters as a directory for Doctors in India. Why is it powerful ? Well its obvious what the website stands for and people in India trust a domain extension like , its that simple.  #domainnames   #domains   #domainname   #website   #ecommerce   #india   #branding   #marketing   #online   #seo Easy to remember, easy to spread by word of mouth and credibility. People routinely search for doctors and also type-in in the brower without searching - you get traffic organically. They have over 700,000 likes on facebook as well.

Indian brands using Generic Slogan and Domains

  A recent trend in Indian marketing/advertising shows few companies using Phrases (social media) and .in/ domains. Many Indian corporations own their brand names in .in/, however we think this is a new strategy where they are beginning to use multiple domain names in their category. Obviously with .com we have seen this over the years, owning a generic category killer domain has been a strategy.  Here are some of them: Bajaj - a large corporate name in India with many brands Raymond - a household brand in clothing AllOut - another household brand  Oral-B (P&G Company) If this trend continues, we can expect many companies in India fighting over their  #slogans  or underlying category killer keywords. Thanks to the domainers in India who contributed this information. We think this is only the beginning and a much welcome sign. and Domain Names for huge Athleisure Market in India

  Domain Names (.IN / . CO.IN ) India -  Athleisure category in apparel is the fastest growing in India and globally. Its an $8 billion dollar segment in India and growing. As an Athleisure brand in India, you are likely competing with other major brands and upcoming startups in the space. How does a Domain Name strategy fit in here, think about Generic keyword domains  and  as a great addition to your overall digital strategy. Want to discuss these domain options and related strategy , get in touch.  #athleisure   #activewear   #sportswear   #adidas   #puma   #nike   #lululemon   #asics   #fashion   #apparel   #india   #marketing   #digital   #online   #website   #domains   #domainnames   #branding