Recent Trip to India - .in and sightings 

Was in India last few weeks and as a true domainer/developer, ended up shooting pictures of .IN usage. This has been an interesting journey since 2005 when .IN was introduced to the public. The growth has been organic (to say the least) but my recent visit showed a substantial change from just a year ago. I was able to capture some newspaper ads and roadside banners in Chennai and Kochi .


- .IN banners are easily spotted this time around in both cities

- Everyday newspaper ads with .in and somedays .in dominated the big banners

- .in had much better looking domains than .com

- An estimate would be 60:40 in favor of .in today, a few years ago it was 80:20 .com . Its headed to 80:20 .in very soon in my opinion

- English language keywords and acronyms are quite popular.

- Car companies and real estate business are biggest advertisers

- Some of India's largest companies continue to use and advertise them regularly

- There is also a need for for non profits

- Government and universities regularly advertise and websites

- The eyeballs that .in domains receive today are probably already huge considering India's population. More companies moving online and ecommerce picking up. The future of .in is clearly on an upward trend with bigger money flowing in. The next decade this is going to be the story.

Check out the attached powerpoint to view all the ads I captured.

There is nothing like Real Usage and Real Need in the Market for domains and that is the story my friends.

Note: I have been investor in .com since 1998 and .in/ since 2005 .


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