Why .IN and .CO.IN makes perfect Domain Strategy for Business

 India Domain Names News (.IN / .CO.IN) : Two companies this week were busy, (Simon.co.in bought Simon.in) and (Myfitness.co.in bought Myfitness.in ) . India introduced .co.in extension in 2003 when many businesses registered them and in 2005 they rolled out the .in extension to the public.

What that caused is many businesses are operating on .co.in while others on .in . Smart and savvy business are figuring out that they need to own both versions .in and .co.in , both get traffic in India and there could be brand confusion in the marketplace if two different businesses own the two versions.

Several companies have continued to use .co.in since they started, this could be primarily because it reflects they are a "Company of India" and that might be important to them. .IN users believe that shorter is better and it looks better in advertising etc. Ultimately its about market perception and usage trends that will dictate the future. But for most business, its not about .in or .co.in , it makes sense to acquire both - or lose traffic , create brand confusion and intellectual property issues. #domainnames #domains #india #ecommerce #branding #marketing #advertising #seo #online #website


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