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.IN and .CO.IN doing quite well among Startups in 2021 The first quarter of 2021, running from January 1 to March 31, saw 1,154 new companies, solo ventures, or projects added to the Crunchbase database. This isn’t a particularly interesting stat on its own — every quarter, thousands of companies spring into life. What might be interesting, though, is the domain names that those companies founded in Q1 of 2021 are using. Fortunately, Crunchbase shares this data, so I’ve compiled a list of domains from the dataset that we can take a look at. Of the 1,154 companies, 106 either didn’t have a domain name listed, or the domain was erroneous, so couldn’t be counted. That leaves us with 1,048 domains to analyze.   TLDs Out of those 1,048 domains, 112 different domain extensions were used. This does not count ccTLD variations such as .CO.UK and .UK or .CO.IN and .IN, for example, these are merged into one TLD for the purpose of this article. Of those 112 domai