Domains = Real Estate + Marketing + Intellectual Property

 Domain Names = Real Estate

You might have seen this comparison quite a bit and there are a lot of similarities between Domain Names and Land (Real Estate). Without a piece of land, you can't build a home, hotel or any other physical building, similarly without a Domain Name , you can't have a home or a website online. With Real Estate (land), there are premium real estate like lake front, ocean front, downtown - locations which draw traffic or great visibility. Domain Names also range in their valuations depending on whether they are premium or not , premium domains are generally 1 word generic keywords describing a product or service (similar to Cars, Hotels, Loans etc). There are pricing variations depending on Domain Names being generic keywords or short acronyms or numbers, also whether they end in .com or a country code like .in / (India) , (UK), .de (Germany)

Domain Names = Patents /IP

In Patenting, corporations usually don't just have one patent, they usually have a core patent (around their core product/service) and have multiple patents around the core topic. As a Domain Name strategy companies (especially the larger ones) have Domain Names that describe their core products and generally have multiple variations of the Domain Name as well. Hence , fortune 1000 companies usually have hundreds or thousands of Domain Names in their portfolio

That was a quick summary of why Domain Names are an essential part of today's corporate strategy.


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