Domain Names (India .in and = Marketing + Real Estate + IP

 Domain name strategy for the most part is not just about using 1 domain name but using multiple domain names to market your product/s and to protect your intellectual property.

Marketing : Businesses typically using multiple domain names for their numerous product lines for lead generation and branding purposes. They could also using multiple cctlds (country code domains) to target various geographical regions for their product. The business case for using multiple domain names has been established by numerous large corporations and institutions.

Real Estate : Domain names are like a plot of land, you have the freedom to build anything o n the property. Just as in real estate, the location of the property and in this case the quality of the domain name is more important than the actual website created. Without a great location, your business may never take off. So in domain names, there are Generic keyword category killers for each niche and there are Acronyms that needs to be used as primary domain name or as auxiliary domains that enhance your business.

Intellectual Property : When corporations invent and protect their inventions, they usually don't stop with 1 patent, there are typically numerous supporting patents that shore up your primary invention. In a similar manner, several niche keyword domains are used to shore up your primary product/service website domain, again setting up a case for using multiple domain names.

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