Indian brands using Generic Slogan and Domains

 A recent trend in Indian marketing/advertising shows few companies using Phrases (social media) and .in/ domains. Many Indian corporations own their brand names in .in/, however we think this is a new strategy where they are beginning to use multiple domain names in their category. Obviously with .com we have seen this over the years, owning a generic category killer domain has been a strategy. 

Here are some of them:

Bajaj - a large corporate name in India with many brands

No alt text provided for this image

Raymond - a household brand in clothing

No alt text provided for this image

AllOut - another household brand

No alt text provided for this image

 Oral-B (P&G Company)

No alt text provided for this image

If this trend continues, we can expect many companies in India fighting over their #slogans or underlying category killer keywords. Thanks to the domainers in India who contributed this information. We think this is only the beginning and a much welcome sign.


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