Domain Sales Update - November 15, 2020 -

 Domain Sale Update (.in / - This week sale for $17000 was announced, the buyer is a US based Rehab marketing company. Rehab / Rehabilitation is a huge market in India and this current sale and past sales of and show buyers are competing for Keyword Domains in this category. Not unusual for such development in the domain name business and notably these domains were bought by 2 US based Rehab marketing businesses. is owned by an Indian entity which runs a rehabilitation clinic. It is very clear that companies are looking to acquire 1 word domains that are relevant to the category - Rehab , Rehabs, Rehabilitation etc. Many will opt for 2 word or 3 word domains in .in / , if they are not able to afford the prices for 1 word domains.

Such price wars or competition for 1 word or 2 word domains (.in and have occurred in other categories - insurance, liquor , tyre for example. This trend is expected to rise as India moves dramatically to digital first and ecommerce becomes even bigger than the current levels.

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